Say hello to Stacky's!

Maybe the smartest and most tasty product in years. Natural, Swedish and really delicious.

Butter fried Stacky's in pita

Stuffed pita bread with your choice of vegetables, butter fried Stacky's and a proper slab of feta cheese cream.

Stacky's is Stacky's

Together with Sweden's most talented chefs we have created Stacky's using natural, locally sourced ingredients and colourful flavours from around the world. Stacky's is made with black bean, carrot, chickpea, cracked wheat, onion and rapeseed oil plus, of course, our perfect flavouring. That's really it - no additives or preservatives, cause who needs that?

Stacky's - från Sverige

Perfect taste straight out of the box

To save you from the hassle of figuring out the balance of flavouring and spices we have made sure that Stacky's tastes great right out of the package. The various flavours are perfectly suited for all kinds of dishes whether you're cooking a burger, schnitzel, homestyle classics or spicy quesadillas.

Choose from Hot & Spicy, smokey BBQ Sweet Chipotle or our well balanced Stacky's Original.

Quesadilla con Stacky's

Shredded Stacky's and a fistful of cheddar, caramelised onions and peppers all tucked in between two tortilla breads. Serve with a roasted corn salsa and guacamole dip.


This is how you prepare Stacky's

We’re well aware of the hectic lifestyle of the busy working bee, and the couch potato too for that matter. So, we created Stacky for ultra simplicity. Throw it in a pan, on the grill, in the oven or in a toast iron. We will even go out on a limb saying you can put it in your regular toaster as well.

Stacky’s á la Lindström

Stacky’s in a Swedish classic, served with potatoes and garlic-fried green beans. Top it off with parsley butter, fried onions, some diced beetroot and capers.

Stacky’s fried rice

Fried basmati rice, egg, shredded Stacky’s and whatever left-over vegetables you have in the fridge. Toss it all in a wok sauce and serve with fresh mint and coriander. 


How do you stack?

The square shape of Stacky's opens up for a plethora of fun uses and best of all - nothing is wrong!

A batch of freshly cooked macaroni with chopped up Stacky's and little cheese might the the kids favourite while you yourself might prefer Stacky's with a dash of mayonnaise between two slices of toasted bread. Whip up any kind of meal and you'll quickly discover the versatility of Stacky's in your everyday kitchen.

Use the tag #mystackys to share your Stacky's creations with the world!,format

Ze Stacky's Schnitzel

Double-breaded Stacky's served with fried potatoes, browned butter, capers and a cool drink of your choice.

Schnitzel style Stacky’s

Stacky's in Swedish comfort food

Stewed cabbage, boiled potatoes and butter fried Stacky’s Original. Classic, Swedish, comforting food.

Frequently asked questions

What is Stacky's?


Stacky's is Stacky's - A square, plant-based, flavoured slice.

Is Stacky's a made with soy?


We use fermented soy in our seasoning, which translates to approximately 1% soy per slice of Stacky's.

Is Stacky's gluten free?


No, as of now Stacky’s is not gluten free. Sign up to our newsletter to get information when our chefs are ready with a gluten free version of Stacky’s.

What is Stacky's made of?


Stacky's is made with black bean, carrot, chickpea, cracked wheat, onion and rapeseed oil plus, of course, our perfect natural flavouring.

Is Stacky's free from additives?


Yes, Stacky's does not contain any additives or preservatives. We figured the world was missing a clean, smart and all natural food product. So we focused on developing the production process and package instead of adding preservatives. The result is Stacky's - a completely natural product.

Is Stacky's Swedish?


Yes, Stacky's is a Swedish product, manufactured in Sweden.

Does Stacky's taste like meat?


No, Stacky's does not try to imitate the flavour of meat, but instead has its own unique taste. Much more tasty, if you ask us.

Is Stacky's pre-flavoured?


Yes, Stacky's is created to taste very good straight out of the packaging, making your kitchen life more easy. Choose from Hot & Spicy, smokey BBQ Sweet Chipotle or our well balanced Stacky's Original.

Is Stacky's a frozen product?


No, Stacky's is a product you can store in both the pantry or your regular refrigerator. This means that Stacky's is always ready for action when it's time to cook and also reduces energy consumption during for transport and storage.

Is Stacky's a good vegan alternative?


Yes, since Stacky's is 100% plant-based and with great nutrition specs it's a perfect option for anyone, vegans included.

How do I prepare Stacky's?


What you're doing with Stacky's is up to you. If you're not vegan, just throwing Stacky's in a pan with some butter is great. Otherwise you can use oil. Stacky's needs a minute or two on each side and then you're done! Of course Stacky's is great on the grill, in a stew or cooked in the oven as well.

Where can I buy Stacky's?


Very soon you will be able to purchase Stacky's from us online, right here on this site.

Can I buy Stacky's in the grocery store?


No, initially you will only be able to buy Stacky's directly from us here on this website.

Is there a Stacky's subscription?


Yes, rolling our during fall 2021 you will be able to subscribe to Stacky's and have them delivered straight to your door at set intervals. Sign up for our newsletter at the foot of this page and we'll let you know when the subscription service is up and running.

How can Stacky's be so cheap?


Let's flip the question - Why is much of the vego food so expensive? We could have charged a lot more for Stacky's because it's a really high quality product, but we don't feel that would be fair. We believe anyone should be able to afford good food.