A new brand - from a solid gang

The passed two years has been all about building an experienced team in the AgentVegan company while at the same time creating a the right product.

The moment you see a plate of food your mind instantly tells you how it's expected to taste. If the food doesn't meet those expectations, you end up disappointed. This brings us to the question - is the struggle to obtain meat replication perfection really the right strategy in our efforts to eat more plant based food?

With Stacky's we have taken a completely different path. We believe a focus on flavour, a short ingredients list and high nutrition values are a much better approach. Simply great tasting food!

Get a taste of the chefs

Anything worth doing, is worth doing right. That was our motto as we set out to find the food experience and flavouring know-how to realise Stacky's.

Mattias Larsson, runs his own food studio, and is well known as "Fredagskocken" from Äntligen Morgon med Adam och Gry på Mix Megapol and has created a lot of recipes and appeared in media on TV4, cooked.se, koket.se and alltommat.se to name a few.

Johannes Wahlman, the chef behind the scenes on television productions such as Pluras kök and Benjamins. He's also the cofounder of kock.in - a major service and resource provider in the Swedish restaurant business.

Mix Mattias and Johannes together with Micke Söderberg from SmakaMera adding his experience in natural ingredients and flavours from around the world, and the results turn out amazing.

The guinea pigs panel

Our families were the given test panel as we started off. With everyone in the team coming from diverse backgrounds we had access to everything from hard core vegans and career women, to man-babies and picky kids. As the project progressed however, we expanded our panel to include many well known chefs, all with their own comments and suggestions for improvement.

Do you want to be on the test panel? Get in touch, tell us your favourite food and we will holler when we got some tasty stuff popping up in your area. Use the form at the bottom of the page.

The rest of the team

The chefs are key in product development but without the added skill set from the team at AgentVegan who knows how to run companies, build tech platforms, marketing, visuals, social media, calculate nutrition and environmental impact, sales and everything else, there would be nothing.

As we continue to grow we will actively recruit people with a passion for doing things differently. If that's you, let us know!